To kick off February here's a "half tempo 1980s power pop rock balearic dub reggae reinterpretation" of Hall & Oates' 1982 hit Maneater by Flying White Dots aka ambient DJ and Bestival resident Bryan Whellams.

Les Fisher curates another fine selection of mellow 1970s gold featuring artists who enjoyed only the most fleeting moments of soft rock glory.

It's been a year since we premiered Luxxury's extraordinary vocoder-led remix of Hotel California by The Eagles. It quickly became the most popular remix we'd ever featured with over 180,000 plays in its first couple of weeks. And then the trouble started. The track went viral and the legendarily difficult Eagles management took issue with this version, prompting the Wall Street Journal to take up the story and Vice magazine to commission one of their usual try-hard, snidey articles.

Many thanks for Paul Jenks of Cutloose for this exclusive mix for AOR Disco. Cutloose is the long-running Manchester based "celestial and clandestine" club night which has featured guests such as ESP Institute,  Idjut Boys, Mark Seven, Cos Mes and Theo Parrish. 

"This mix certainly AOR focused but it has other rock and new wave elements to it," says Paul.

Many thanks to Harry Hotter and DJ Smudge for this exclusive rework of Van Halen's 1984 hit which was co-written by Michael McDonald.

"We added a backing drum track plus some cool Eddie Van Halen vocal samples," says Lucas Smudge.

jFeathers, the man behind the Light Departures 'soft-prog' series, returns with his latest mix of 1970s rarities.  "I’ve gotten a few more obscure AOR LP’s lately from my friends at Hello Records and People’s Records in Detroit," he says. "So, I put a mix together for the AOR Disco site.

Congratulations to Paul Hillery whose Sweet Friction mix for us was picked by Gawker as one of the best things they listened to in 2014. Sweet Friction was the first in Paul's six volume West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock series which played over 150,000 times last year on our Soundcloud page alone.

Many thanks to Olof Jarvegren aka dj ShmeeJay for his latest exclusive mix of classic rock remixes for AOR Disco. You can catch his  'Ain't No Big Thing Show' live on GrooveSkool Radio most Sundays at 10pm (gmt) / 5pm (est) / 2pm (pst).

Vulfpeck is a a half Jewish German-American rhythm section based in Los Angeles. The band members first met in a German literature class at the University of Michigan. Originally studio musicians at Vulf Records, Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss and Joe Dart have released five albums under Vulfpeck.

Tobias Edborg-Torjussen aka Mr Funk, who for the last ten years has been part of the Oslo Nerd Army, a  DJ collective who have a monthly club night "playing everything that grooves from 1960s to the 1980s", returns with his fourth "contribution to the Marina Soul, AOR, Westcoast, Yacht Rock and Sunset Disco revival."