Here's another A-grade remix from Luxxury, which is Number 13 in an ongoing series.  "This 122bpm retro-banger is the most fun thing I've been playing out recently," he says.

We featured some great mixes of Brooklyn-based producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Alex Gimeno aka Ursula 1000 back in 2012 (check out Leather Disko  and Soft and Spacious) but somehow we missed his edit of this rare Don Brown track until we saw it posted this week in Jesse Houk's Facebook group Less Obvious Yacht Rock Songs. Originally released on an E.P.

And the rarities keep coming in the fifth mix in Les Fisher's Island Sounds, Harbor Grooves and Hot Tub Soul series. After his excurision into modern-day Westcoast sounds in Vol 4, Les now takes a smooth ride back into the 1970s AOR heartland.

We first came across Kauf a couple of years ago with the release of Relocate (both the original and Psychemagik remix versions, both outstanding) and although his output since then has been sparing he delivers every time (see his take on Labyrinth Ear's Lorna).  Based in Los Angeles, Kauf has a hazy, smooth yet melancholic sound which is so characteristic of the music from this city.

Here's another awesome mix from DJ Same, a legend in AOR Disco world but wildly underrated elsewhere. Once again he brings us the best of recent house and balearic remixes with a hint of soft rock (not least Red Ken's inspired revamp of Ned Doheny's Labour of Love, a former exclusive on this site) and well as some great originals such First Aid Kit's 1970s country homage My Silver Lining.

1. Factor 30 by Bjarno

2. Don't Step on the Grass by Laid Back


Berlin's K is one of the finest DJs and curators on the site. He has four series running with us: Flying Cloud (cosmic folk), Utopia (progressive rock), Country Roads (alt-country) and this one, Summer Breeze, which offers a masterclass in  smooth AOR/Westcoast music. It's been two years since Summer Breeze Part 3 (and eight years since Part 1 was originally aired on a Berlin radio station) and now K has delivered three new mixes in one go, which we'll be featuring in quick succession.

On Saturday April 18th our friend DJ Supermarkt will be arriving in London from Berlin to play Too Slow To Disco sets at Rough Trade East at 12:30 to 2pm and then at the Royal Academy of Arts from 9pm to midnight at California Soul, an event "inspired by Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park series which he painted from his beach front studio in Santa Monica."  

Last week DJ Supermarkt announced the sequel to Too Slow To Disco (which was Rough Trade's Best Compilation Album of 2014) and below is an e

"Deep cuts from 75-82," says Greg Brown of The Softest Stone. "Styles range from mellow folk to slinky funk to moody pop-rock, while the vibe runs throughout.

Many thanks to FabioLouis Barker for this exclusive remix for AOR Disco. The best known versions of 'Carpet Crawlers' are the original from the 1974 album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway and the 1999 re-record by the band themselves. But this is a remix of the version which originally appeared on the classic Seconds Out live album from Genesis' 1976 tour, which featured Bill Buford from Yes and King Crimson on drums.

"With four AOR Disco Vintage Edits compilation CDs ram-packed under my belt and a new MOOG synth squeezed in the new studio, I've started a new venture featuring my original works," says Ben Zaven-Crane of Mojo Filter. "The new album is called Escape Aid and I've self-released it on my new label which is set to carve out a new direction for me.