"Into A Quiet Night - a cool night, mellow light," says Bill Spencer, the man behind the  Stoner Loners series. "Inspired by the opening Marty Balin track and picking up where it left off. Channeling midwest autumnal vibes. A Michigan boy's first trip to California. Dedicated to Mike, Scott, Andy, J Rowe and my AOR Jedi master Ray Cronk."

1. Marty Balin - Music Is The Light

2. Marc Jordan - Lost Because You Can't Be Found

3. 'A' Train - I Don't Want To Lose You

4. Robert Byrne - That Didn't Hurt Too Bad

5. Ambrosia - Holdin' On To Yesterday

6. Jim Capaldi - Man With No Country

7. Byrne & Barnes - Right Through the Heart

8. Crimson Tide - Jessie

9. Rupert Holmes - Philly

10. Ned Doheny - What Cha' Gonna Do For Me

11. Nimbus - Nezarai

12. Lava - Give It Up


Following his AOR Disco 5th Anniversary Mix - and numerous other classic mixes for us - DJ Same returns with his latest selection of soft rock, house and disco edits. 

01. Whore Your Love - Soft Rocks 

02. A Lullaby for Spiderman - Monkey Boots (The Phantom Flan Flinger Remix) 

03. Town Called Malice - The Jam (The Reflex Revision) 

04. Late Train - Paqua (Idjut Boys Late Brain Version) 

05. Need a 303 Tonight - Dr Packer (Dr Packer's Acid Rub) 


Here's a great remix by the Rhythm Scholar to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of 'Come Together', which ironically was the opening track off the last album the Beatles recorded before they broke up. John Lennon originally wrote the song for Timothy 's campaign for governor of California against Ronald Reagan, which was side-tracked early on when Leary was sent to prison for possession of marijuana. As Lennon said: "It would've been no good to him anyway.

"I finally got round to doing a follow-up to that Frictionless mix you guys kindly stuck on your site a few years back," says Pencilface. "I did it with you guys in mind, so I did a bit of searching and I'm pretty sure these tunes haven't been featured on AOR Disco already.

With a baritone voice reminiscent of Tim Buckley, Keiran White sounds like the type of cult artist who gets revered by the likes of Mojo magazine. But it never happened for White and after his only solo album Open Door was released in 1975 he never recorded again and became a truck driver in Oregon before his untimely death in 1995.

C.J. from Flashlites Productions - the man behind the excellent Ready 4 Airplay series - returns with his latest mix of Westcoast/AOR edits. 

Donny Osmond feat. George Benson - Breeze On By (Chris' Ultimate Breezy Mix)

Player - Baby Come Back (Tony Jacalone & Tony Johns Edit)

Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio - A Woman Needs Love (A DeeJ.

We've just hit one million plays on our Soundcloud account.

With Volume 2 of Paul Hillery's West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock series just hitting 70,000 plays on Soundcloud it's great to be able to keep the momentum up with this latest instalment of deep and mellow rarities from the 1970s.

With over 200 Facebook Likes this new playlist by Barney Hurley of Samuel Purdey is one of the most popular posts of the year. (A glitch has made all the Likes disappear - so apologies to Barney for that - but the love in the comments section remains). Volume 1 and Volume 2 were two of our other big hits this year and once again Barney presents a dozen of the smoothest and smartest tracks from the dark corners of the AOR archives.

Kauf  is one of our favourite artists in today's Los Angeles music scene  His track Relocate - both the original and the Psychemagik remix - was a highlight of 2013 and, along with other current artists such as Luxxury, Poolside, and Rhye, his sound has that mix of sunshine and melancholy that's such a distinctive quality of the city's music in the past. So it was great to hear from Kauf again after a year long break. 

"I have some more new music to share finally," he said.