"The beautiful Kieran White track on your blog inspired me to make a follow-up to AOR On the Radio," says Professor Eddy. "What I like about Westcoast /AOR music  is that a lot of singer-songwriters drew from all kinds of different styles to make it sound as good (or as smooth) as possible. The mix I put together gives me the feeling of driving around at sunset in Los Angeles before going out and getting drunk on a Saturday night. The atmosphere of the tracks is mostly melancholic, but the disco starts up later on. My favourite track is 'Mushanga' by Toto.

Tobias Edborg-Torjussen aka Mr Funk, who for the last ten years has been part of the Oslo Nerd Army, a  DJ collective who have a monthly club night "playing everything that grooves from 1960s to the 1980s", returns with his third "contribution to the Marina Soul, AOR, Westcoast, Yacht Rock and Sunset Disco revival." 

FCC – Woman

Cecilio & Kapono - Someday 

Brenda Russell – I Want Love To Find Me

Santiago – Just Another Night Flight

Eigil Berg – Light a Candle

AWB – Shine

Bill Champlin – S

K returns with the second in his new series of 1970s progressive and space rock mixes. His previous two series for us captured the sound of Los Angeles, from the Laurel Canyon inspired Flying Cloud sets to the disco era Summer Breeze mixes, but Utopia has a strong British theme running throughout. "It's interesting to me as a foreigner to find all these great British musicians. But this music is somehow uncool in the UK," says K.

AOR purists look away now. Here are ten big, brash stadium rock standards remixed in a big, brash way. Northern Rascal is actually best known for his smooth Westcoast edits and mixtapes but this set captures the spirit of his other life - as a wedding DJ. "Here are ten of the most in-demand rock classics from the last few decades," he says. "I've used remixes and re-edits to create this mix because as a wedding DJ I have heard all these tunes far too many times already in their original form.

Per Åslund has collected AOR, Westcoast and Yacht Rock since the 1980s and he runs a monthly podcast together with a friend called Keep It Smooth. "It's only in Swedish - sorry!" says Per. "But here's an afternoon mix based on it which you can play before sliding down to the club.

DJ Zak Hamburg (middle) 

It's great to have our first exclusive mix of the year from long-time AOR Disco favourite Zak Hamburg, resident DJ at Sa Trinxa in Ibiza, actor in Hamburg and the former drummer for 1980s pop legend Falco. Zak is one of the best-loved Balearic DJs around and once again he combines the sounds of Ibiza and Los Angeles with this set of deep house, soft rock and electronica.   

1.   ptaki - warsaw

2.   thomzen - chan chan


"Into A Quiet Night - a cool night, mellow light," says Bill Spencer, the man behind the  Stoner Loners series. "Inspired by the opening Marty Balin track and picking up where it left off. Channeling midwest autumnal vibes. A Michigan boy's first trip to California. Dedicated to Mike, Scott, Andy, J Rowe and my AOR Jedi master Ray Cronk."

1. Marty Balin - Music Is The Light

2. Marc Jordan - Lost Because You Can't Be Found

3. 'A' Train - I Don't Want To Lose You


Following his AOR Disco 5th Anniversary Mix - and numerous other classic mixes for us - DJ Same returns with his latest selection of soft rock, house and disco edits. 

01. Whore Your Love - Soft Rocks 

02. A Lullaby for Spiderman - Monkey Boots (The Phantom Flan Flinger Remix) 

03. Town Called Malice - The Jam (The Reflex Revision) 

04. Late Train - Paqua (Idjut Boys Late Brain Version) 

05. Need a 303 Tonight - Dr Packer (Dr Packer's Acid Rub) 


Here's a great remix by the Rhythm Scholar to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of 'Come Together', which ironically was the opening track off the last album the Beatles recorded before they broke up. John Lennon originally wrote the song for Timothy 's campaign for governor of California against Ronald Reagan, which was side-tracked early on when Leary was sent to prison for possession of marijuana. As Lennon said: "It would've been no good to him anyway.

"I finally got round to doing a follow-up to that Frictionless mix you guys kindly stuck on your site a few years back," says Pencilface. "I did it with you guys in mind, so I did a bit of searching and I'm pretty sure these tunes haven't been featured on AOR Disco already.